Kick Start Coaching Group

Coach Jille

This is a Group of Coaches who are working to bring both their inner wisdom and their business to a bigger brighter expression. This group is amazing and the conversations are so deep that we are recording and transcribing our sessions so that they can be formed into a book. If you are a coach and you want a deeper understanding of yourself and your clients making your marketing efforts more attractive then this is the group for you.

This group meets twice a month on
Wednesdays at 9 p.m. eastern, 6 p.m. pacific.

The cost is $175 per month.
Limit 10 participants.

I am currently working on adding additional group coaching programs for the following groups:

* Executive Women who are keeping their jobs and want to learn to love them.
* Direct Marketing Leaders who want to build a huge team that is productive and self motivated.

to contact Jille for more information.